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See our qualified & experienced e-Tutors in our Virtual Campus who will teach you on your; Access to Higher Education courses (Access to HE), QCF courses or NVQ’s and all who are based in England.

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OPTION A: When using a 19+ Student Learning Loan

Aged 19+ and want a “Pay-Nothing-Now” option? Then enrol on a course and pay nothing to start with, when using a 19+ advanced learning loan, when approved by the Student Loan Company (UK Government backed).

1) No repayments, until you are earning over £21,000 a year.

2) Your 19+ Student Advanced Learning Loan, when used with one of our courses is written off by Government if you successfully complete our “Access to HE” course and then go on to complete a University degree in the UK too.

3) Full eligibility details (see STEP 2)

OPTION B: When using credit/ debit card

Aged 19+, living in the United Kingdom: Then enrol and pay in full now using your credit or debit card (using Paypal) and start your course within c. 2 working days, subject to full payment received (and identity checks complete). The prices shown when using Paypal payment system are shown inclusive of VAT.

OPTION A: Eligibility when applying for a 19+ Student loan

Check 1:

A/ Resident in the UK for the last 3 years?

B/ Resident in England during the course?

C/ Aged 19 years or older at start of the course?

If, yes to A, B & C… proceed to eligibility requirements below for a 19+ loan. (Check 2).

If, no to either A, B or C… sorry we cannot accept you onto one of our courses (Skills Funding Agency requirements)

Check 2:

CHECK HERE: Check your eligibility for a 19+ loan

OPTION B: Eligibility when using a credit/debit card

Check 1:

A/ Aged 19 years or over at the start of the course?

B/ Resident in the United Kingdom during the course?

If “yes” to both of the above, you are eligible to enrol at this time.

Use our repayment calculator below to estimate how much you might pay back and over what period.

You DO NOT pay back any 19+ Student Learning Loan, until you earn over £21,000.

(Alternatively, use the Government’s loan calculator for more detailed estimates)

Simply move the two sliders to find out much much your loan repayments will be

Loan Amount
£ 700
Estimated annual earnings (if you earn less than £21000 per year you pay nothing)
£ 21000
Estimated monthly repayment
Time to repay loan

When you’re ready to take you career to the next level and you know what you want to study, please click on the button below to complete our enrolment form (and if wanting a 19+ Advanced Learning loan too, also complete the Student Loans Company application too during our integrated enrolment process)

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Virtual Campus: Distance Learning

Our virtual campus has a unique Study style, complete with a virtual learning environment where you will access your; Access to Higher Education course, QCF course or NVQ course e-workbooks and conduct the majority of your work, fully supported with qualified e-Tutors.

Use your PC/Mac/Smart-Phone/Tablet to attend group e-tutor led webinars and take advantage of the latest online Training/Tutorial technology that makes distance learning more flexible and personal.

Our courses have been designed to enable you to study at home, at work, or both, if that is more convenient.

£4.7m Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd Funding from ESFA over 17/18

Welcome to Ixion College, a brand owned by Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd. Your learning agreement, should you wish to take a course with Ixion College, will be with Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd under Ixion's UKPRN 10033758.

With Ixion College, study at your own pace – nights, days, weekends, you choose. Learn in the comfort of your own home or possibly at your place of work. See here for some distance learning tips.

OFSTED’s inspection report on Ixion (Nov 2017) stated Ixion as: Grade 1, Overall Outstanding at Full Inspection

How it works

*25% off offer is an introductory offer applying only to all Ixion College; Access to Higher Education Courses - level 3 & 4 and QCF courses - level 3 & 4, that's been extended until 31st March 2018. The discount is off the published rate by the Education & Skills Funding Agency for funding (That Ixion College will use as its List Price for all payment/order methods) for each course available to all delivery organisations in England for each course shown. For certain courses, we may offer even more than 25% off during this period.

Welcome to Ixion College. Ixion College is a brand owned by Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd. Your learning agreement, should you wish to take a course with Ixion College, will be with Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd under Ixion's UKPRN 10033758.

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