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Refer a Friend: £50

Each time you refer an individual to us who registers for one of our courses, we will pay you a referral fee of £50, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.


To refer a student to Ixion College you need to complete the provided form with your and the potential student’s details. We will then send them an email with details of our courses and how they can sign up, and how they can nominate you for the referral fee. If the student subsequently signs up to one of our courses and nominates you for the referral fee, provided the conditions set out below are met, we will email you to obtain your bank details so that we can pay the referral fee to you.
By referring a student to us using the form below, you confirm that they have consented to you providing us with their name and email for the purpose of contacting them with details of our courses.

Your Message we will then send for you will read:


I saw this website and thought you might find it interesting.

It's called Ixion College.

They are offering 25% off their distance learning courses (using their Virtual Campus) at the moment which can be funded via a Government-backed student loan (via Student Finance England) if you're over 24 years of age and been living in England for the last 3 years.

You don't even pay back your loan until you earn over £21,000 and you don't even need any qualifications to start the vast majority of their courses.


**** your name goes here ***

PS: If you start a course worth over £500 commitment with them, I then get £50 from Ixion College, so thanks! But do let me and Ixion College know if you do start a course with them, so I can claim my £50. Thanks again. Remember, to e-mail Ixion College at when they start their course and nominate me for the £50

Terms and conditions:

The student referred must be eligible for the course for which they have applied. The referral fee will only become payable if and when the student has either fully paid for the course, or we have received confirmation from both the Students Loans Company that your loan application has been approved by them for the course for that student, as applicable. In addition, the student must have been assigned a tutor by us.

The student must not be a current or former student of STAR College.

The course that the student signs up to must have a minimum value of £500 (inclusive of VAT, if applicable) after the application of any discounts or codes, irrespective of who is funding the course.

If the referral is made retrospectively of the introduction is verbal and/or ad hoc, the referral fee shall not be paid.

In the event that you and any other person claim to have referred the same student to us for a course (including through one of our other referral schemes), a referral fee shall only be paid to the person which first made the referral. In addition, if the student nominates more than one person for the referral fee, the fee shall only be payable to the first person that the student nominated to us.

We reserve the right to amend or terminate this referral scheme at any time.


Provided you provide us with bank details when requested by us for the payment of a referral fee, the referral fee shall be paid to you at the end of the calendar month in which payment is made by the student (or confirmation of your loan application is approved by the Student Loans Company).

By submitting the above form I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions above.

All other Terms and Conditions apply.

Welcome to Ixion College. Ixion College is a brand owned by Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd. Your learning agreement, should you wish to take a course with Ixion College, will be with Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd under Ixion's UKPRN 10033758.

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