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Appeals And Complaints

Ixion College Appeals and Complaints Procedure

Your assessor will provide you with help and advice with regard to the requirements of your award. This may take the form of giving you assignments and/or activities to check your understanding. The training that you receive from Ixion will be individually planned to suit your needs. We hope that all feedback given to you will be constructive and clear and will encourage you to complete the work for your award as effectively as possible.

All assessments will be carried out fairly and in conjunction with you and your employer. Realistic timescales will be given to you as a guide for completion of the award.If you are not happy with any aspect of your programme we will do our best to help you deal with the issue. This may mean talking to your assessor on your behalf to help overcome the problem. Your assessor will do their best to support you we do appreciate that there may be times that issues arise that you would prefer not to discuss with your assessor.

If for any reason you disagree with a decision made by your assessor you have the right to appeal that decision.

Awarding Body Appeals Procedure

1. Grounds for Appeal

a) Factors unknown to the internal/external verifier at the time which may or may not affect the outcome of the examination/moderation. b) A complaint has been upheld which affects the outcome of the assessment.

2. Procedures for Making an Appeal

  1. i. An appeal must be lodged with the awarding body within 6 weeks of the Learner receiving the result/outcome on which they were appealing.
  2. ii. The appeal must be made using the awarding body form available from IXION.
  3. iii. All supporting evidence from the Learner i.e. medical certificates, supporting statements/affidavits must accompany the completed awarding body form.
  4. iv. There may be a charge fee which must also be sent with the completed form which is refundable if the awarding body is at fault.
  5. v. Once all the required documentation and fee have been received, the awarding body will aim to investigate the appeal within 28 days. In extenuating circumstances the awarding body may need to re-negotiate this timescale with the


3. Procedures for Dealing with an Appeal

  1. i. Upon receipt of the enquiry at awarding body offices of a request form a form must be sent to the appellant within 24 hours.
  2. ii.Upon receipt of form, plus fee (if required), the documentation for the appeal must be submitted to the Director of Quality Assurance (or in his/her absence the Chief Executive) who will then:-
    • a) Ensure that the reason for the appeal conforms to the grounds of appeal.
    • b) Request any necessary additional information from witnesses, assessors tutors etc.
    • c) If necessary re-negotiate a new time scale with the appellant.
    • d) Convene an appeals panel from members of the Quality Assurance Committee.
    • e) Organise that all relevant documentation is sent to members of the appeals panel in advance of the meeting.
  3. iii. Following the meeting the Appeals Panel, the Director of Quality Assurance will inform the appellant, study/assessment centre of the outcome of the appeal. The result will also be reported to the next meeting of the Quality Assurance Committee.
  4. iv. All meetings of the Appeals Panel must be providing minutes and be kept on file along with any documentation submitted with the appeal for a period of 5 years.

Awarding Body Complaints Procedure

Procedures for Dealing with Complaints:

All complaints whether written, oral, identified or anonymous will be investigated. The designated Complaints Officer for the awarding body should be the Director of Quality Assurance. Procedures for dealing with complaints should be as follows:

i. All complaints should be directed to the awarding body’s Director for Quality Assurance.

ii. All complaints will be logged on the appropriate form. Those people making oral complaints will be asked to follow up the call in writing, if they refuse to do this it will be noted on the log form. All complaints whether verbal or written will be acknowledged within 10 days of receipt. Anonymous callers will be told that their complaint will be logged and looked into but they will also be made aware that it is difficult to take action in the absence of concrete evidence.

iii. Complainants will be encouraged to complete the appropriate form.

iv. The Director of Quality Assurance is responsible for investigating the complaint and drawing up an action plan for the resolution of the complaint. The action plan is recorded on the appropriate awarding body form.

v. The Director of Quality Assurance will then inform the complainant in writing of the outcome of the complaint. A summary of all complaints will be reported to the Quality Assurance Committee on a regular basis.

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