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Business Administration Diploma – Level 3 (QCF)


12 Hours a week min (305 hours overall)



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This Business Administration Diploma course provides the knowledge, understanding and skills for young people who want a career as a business decision maker. It is a practical course which will give you the skills for the world of work and help you to add value to business activities in any organisation.

Course Eligibility

There is no requirement for prior qualifications. All applications are assessed on an individual basis.

No prior knowledge, understanding, skills or qualifications are required before learners register for this qualification, however, it is likely that they will be seeking work within the business administrative sector, or they may already be employed in a cross-sector role of function that involves responsibility for carrying out and managing business administrative operations and functions.

See Funding Eligibility criteria.


What will I learn?

The course covers business and management, creative product promotion, presenting information, recruitment and selection, HR management and managing teams.

Selection of course content (See syllabus)

  • Principles of Business (business markets/ business innovation and growth/ financial management/ budgeting/ sales and marketing)
  • Principles of Business Communication and Information
  • Communicate in a Business environment
  • Manage Personal and Professional development
  • Organise and Deliver Customer Service
  • Principles of Administration (managing an office / organise events / taking minutes of meetings/ lead & manage meetings/ supervising administration staff/ health and safety)
  • Contribute to the Improvement of Business Performance Negotiate in a Business Environment
  • Handle Mail
  • Develop a presentation
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Presentation software

How will I learn?

Learning will be via Distance Learning. Your course will be delivered through online assessment using our latest Virtual Learning Environment, one to one tutorials with your Tutor (phone, e-mail & face-to-face Skype) and group web based webinars. (See Study Style)

You will be expected to typically commit to a minimum of 12 hours per week independent study to suit your personal circumstances. This is the recommended guideline to support you to achieve

A requirement to develop and demonstrate a range of technical skills and behaviours that supports competence in a supervisory Job role in a realistic work environment

Who is the awarding body?

The awarding body is Edexcel:

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Business Administration Diploma – Level 3 (QCF)

This qualification, accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), helps boost learners’ career prospects by giving them the skills, knowledge and understanding that employers look for. They also provide career development opportunities for those already in work.


58 credits required in total

How will my work be assessed?

There are a range of assessment techniques for the subjects covered which include online assignments using our Virtual Learning Environment, reflective accounts, witness testimonies, subject related discussions with your tutor and developing projects. These are all assessed at either pass or fail.

What Qualifications do I need to do this course?

No formal qualifications are required. Just your drive and enthusiasm to take and finish the course.



Communicate in a Business environment (4 credits)

  • Understand business communication models, systems and process
  • Be able to communicate in writing in business.
  • Be able to communicate verbally in business.

Manage Personal and Professional development (3 credits)

  • Be able to identify personal and professional development requirements.
  • Be able to fulfil a personal and professional development plan.
  • Be able to maintain the relevance of a personal and professional development plan

Principles of Business Communication and Information (4 credits).

  • Understand negotiation in a business environment.
  • Understand how to develop and deliver presentations.
  • Understand how to create bespoke business documents.
  • Understand information systems in a business environment.

Principles of Administration (6 credits)

  • Understand how to manage an office facility
  • Understand health and safety in a business environment
  • Understand how to take minutes of meetings
  • Understand how to chair, lead and manage meetings
  • Understand how to supervise an administration team
  • Understand how to organise events

Principles of Business (10 credits)

  • Understand business markets.
  • Understand business innovation and growth.
  • Understand financial management.
  • Understand business budgeting
  • Understand sales and marketing

Contribute to the Improvement of Business Performance (6 credits).

  • Understand the principle of resolving business problems
  • Understanding improvement techniques and processes
  • Be able to solve problems in business
  • Be able tot contribute to the improvement of activities

Negotiate in a Business Environment (4 credits)

  • Understand the principles underpinning negotiation
  • Be able to prepare for business negotiations
  • Be able to carry out business negotiations

Handle Mail (3 credits)

  • Understand how to deal with mail
  • Be able to deal with incoming mail
  • Be able to deal with outgoing mail

Develop a presentation (3 credits)

  • Understand how to develop a presentation.
  • Be able to develop a presentation

Deliver a presentation (3 credits)

  • Understand the principles underpinning the delivery of presentations.
  • Be able to prepare to deliver a presentation
  • Be able to deliver a presentation.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (2 credits)

  • Understand the role of organisations and industries
  • Understand employer’s expectations and employees’ rights and obligations.

Organise and Deliver Customer Service (5 credits)

  • Understand how to organise customer service delivery
  • Be able to plan the delivery of customer service
  • Be able to deliver customer service

Presentation software (6 credits)

  • Input and combine text and other information within presentation slides.
  • Use presentation software tools to structure, edit and format presentations.

Whats Next

Achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification. These work-based qualifications are aimed at learners who are working, or want to work, in a business and administration environment. They could lead to employment as an:

  • Administrator
  • Officer
  • Team leader

Learners who achieve the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration (QCF) can progress to Pearson Edexcel Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Business Administration (QCF) and/or the Pearson BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Business Administration (QCF), which are within the Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Business Administration. Alternatively, learners may progress into the following job roles, for example, Office manager, Executive Assistant or Business Development Manager.

What’s in it for Me?

Students are able to progress into Higher Education or enhance their career prospects. Students primarily progress to Higher Education study in areas related to Business, Economics and Accounting. These may include some of the following areas of Degree level study: Business Studies, Marketing, Economics, Accountancy, Business Management, Trading and Finance related degrees.

Typical jobs:

  • Marketing Administrator or Executive
  • Finance Administrator
  • Sales Executive
  • Business Administrator or assistant
  • Accounts Support / administrator

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