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We can help you: choose your course & then after too:

1. Advice line: Phone 01245 505 630

  • Speak with any Ixion College Adviser and get advice
  • Our team is based in Chelmsford, Essex. England
    • Monday to Friday 08.30am to 4.30pm

2. LIVE-Chat (FREE)

  • Via your PC/Mac keyboard, direct with an Ixion College Adviser (see “chat area” in bottom right of your screen)
  • Our team is based in Chelmsford, Essex. England


  • We help potential customers (real-time) in your own “browser window”, on your OWN screen, by Co-browsing with you (where you choose to share your screen with us).
    • We then can take control of your mouse and highlight things, even show you around our website, using your screen and mouse cursor.
    • We use OLARK systems.
    • An STAR College Advisor will help show you on your OWN screen (by using the mouse cursor/arrow on your screen) how best for you to complete the application process, or just show you around our site.
  • Firstly make contact with us using the “chat area” in bottom right of your screen and begin a “chat”.
  • Secondly, ask for “Co-browsing” by typing your request into the “chat area” with the issue you want resolved.

You will be sent a link to click within the “chat area” to give permission for us to Co-browse with you on your screen. You must approve and give your consent for this before we can use your screen to demonstrate our services.

Cobrowsing has two modes:

  • Highlight mode where we can screen share and highlight particular elements on the page your are viewing.
  • Control mode allows us to move your mouse cursor around on your screen and interact with the page you are viewing.

Both modes require YOU to give YOUR consent online before this can happen.

Team is based in Chelmsford, Essex. England

4. FAQ’s (FREE)

  • We’ve tried to answer questions we think most people will ask – FAQ page

5. Virtual Learning Environment technical systems issues

  • For Ixion College Students only:
  • Call 01245 254 851
  • E-mail:

6. Ixion College Students

  • All other questions: Will our Students please speak with your TUTOR for any further advice and guidance needed on any issues that effect your learning and successful course outcome.

Welcome to Ixion College. Ixion College is a brand owned by Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd. Your learning agreement, should you wish to take a course with Ixion College, will be with Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd under Ixion's UKPRN 10033758.

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