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Check Eligibility: Courses or a 19+ Loan

Option 1 (Pay now)

OPTION 1: Eligibility when using a credit/debit card

Check 1:

A/ Aged 19 years or over at start of the course?

B/ Resident in The United Kingdom during the course?

If “yes” to both of these questions you are eligible.

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Option 2 (using a 19+ Student Loan)

OPTION 2: Eligibility when applying for a 19+ Student loan

Check 1:

A/ Resident in the UK for the last 3 years?

B/ Resident in England during the course?

C/ Aged 19 years or older at start of the course?

If, yes to A, B & C…proceed to eligibility requirements below for a 19+ loan. (Check 2).

If, no to either A, B or C… sorry we cannot accept you on our courses (Skills Funding Agency requirements) NOTE: Course you wish to study must be eligible for a loan and meet the Student loan Company conditions

Check 2:

CHECK HERE: Check your eligibility for a 24+ loan

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