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How to Enrol

Step 1: Select Course & Payment option

OPTION A: Use a 19+ Student Learning Loan

Aged 19+ and want a “Pay-Nothing-Now” option, then enrol on a course and pay nothing to start with, when using a 19+ year old advanced learning loan and when approved by the Student Loan Company (UK Government backed).

1) You only start to make repayments once you are earning over £21,000 a year.

2) Your 19+ Student Advanced Learning Loan used for our courses is written off by Government if you successfully complete our “Access to HE” course and then a University degree in the UK too.


Aged 19+, then enrol and pay in full now using your credit or debit card (using Paypal) and start your course within 2 working days. SKIP Steps 2 & 3 and go straight to Step 4 and securely use PayPal to pay for your course. The prices shown when using Paypal payment system are shown inclusive of VAT.

Step 2: Eligibility:

Your eligibility depends on whether you want to pay now with your credit/debit card or pay later after you earn over £21,000 salary by using a Student Loan from the Student Loans Company.

To check your eligibility (click here)

Step 3: Check your repayments on your loan

Use our repayment calculator/ estimator on this site to estimate how much your would pay back and over what period. (See Student Loan Company site)

Step 4: Enrol Now!

If you are ready to take you career to the next level and know what you want to study then please click on the button below to complete our Enrolment form and the Student Loans Company application.

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