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How much will I pay back?

Simply move the two sliders to find out much much your loan repayments will be

Loan Amount
£ 700
Estimated annual earnings (if you earn less than £21000 per year you pay nothing)
£ 21000
Estimated monthly repayment
Time to repay loan

  • Getting a loan doesn’t require a credit check
  • Your Loan is not dependant on your household income.
  • Pay nothing back until you are earning over £21,000 per annum

This is how we estimate your loan repayment:

  1. Your annual salary take away £21,000 ( you only start to repay once you are earning over this amount).
  2. 9% of the sum over £21,000 (this is how much you pay per year)
  3. Divide by 12 (months)
  4. Round down to nearest pound
  5. Full details: refer to the Student Loans repayments

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19+ Advanced Learning Student Loans: Click here for more information


The UK Governments own web site tries to estimate the future costs too.

The Direct.GOV.UK 19+ repayment calculatorhas additional calculations built in which predict what repayment terms are likely to be in the future, and takes these into account when providing the estimate.  For example it asks for your course type to be able to determine how long your course is, and also when you started your course so it can estimate your finish date.  If for example you were doing a 3 year diploma starting in 2016, you wouldn’t actually be going into repayment until April 2019, at which point the calculator is predicting the thresholds will be different and the monthly payment amount therefore less.

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