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Study Style - Virtual Campus

Distance Learning – Virtual Campus – Start Anytime

All courses at Ixion College have been designed to enable you to study at home or at work if convenient, using our Virtual Campus, distance learning technique. We understand that its not always possible to attend classes in a classroom if you are e.g. already working and therefore we offer you the opportunity to learn flexibly in the environment that best suits you.

100% online, if that’s what you want

100% of your learning may be done online if that is what works for you. You will primarily have contact with your own personal tutor by; phone, email, Skype and through online webinars & online tutorials.

If you would like private face-to-face tutorials and development from your tutor these can always be completed with agreement with your Tutor, over the internet using e.g. Skype. Even some can be done in the early evenings and at weekends, enabling you to stay at home and learn, if you both agree.

If you have any difficulties, your tutor is at the end of the phone or via email to support you.

  • Access to HE courses only: We have laid on various optional seminars for you to come to in order to meet face to face tutors etc if that helps you learn, for more details ask your Tutor.

Meet the Ixion College e-Tutors:

To see a montage of pictures of the range of our Qualified & Experienced Tutors in our Virtual Campus, that you might be supported by and who are based in England. See our meet the e-Tutors page.

Online Tutorials, by your Tutor, using:

Our tutors also have access to a more intimate face-to-face online teaching solution, where 1 tutor and 24 students can video-in and have face to face tutorials with their tutor along with a limited number of other students (6 max on webcams) on a particular course.

These will be organised by the tutor direct with the students and the tutor will invite their own students by e-mail to use this facility for each training session.

You must have access to:

  • Phone & e-mails
  • PC or Mac with webcam, audio card and speaker, with an internet ethernet cable connection to broadband.
  • You may be required to download GoToMeeting software (at your own risk)

(Get bill payers permission).

Individual Tutoring (1-2-1’s)

100% of our courses can be done online only (some will require local placements, see each courses details to see where this applies).

As part of the Distance Learning study style there may need to be occasions where “face to face”, online meetings with your tutor is needed to progress your learning. Speak with your tutor to agree where, how and when these take place, as each course is different.

Regular 1-2-1 Tutorials

Verifying your identity: We also use this video tool to ensure you are who you say you are and who is taking the course and may compare your picture in tutorials to the picture on your passport.

There can also be face-to-face 1-2-1 (i.e. personal) Skype tutorials by Tutors and support sessions available to you if further support is required outside of the online solution, in order to ensure you are continually making progress towards your qualification.

You must have access to:

  • PC or Mac with webcam, audio card, speaker & internet ethernet cable connection to broadband or wi-fi.


  • A phone for calls that has face to face video calling and e-mails (ideally with the Skype App and your own Skype account)

(Please get the bill payers permission).

Tutoring using Webinars

Ixion College runs during the year various webinars, aimed at different courses that all our students can have access to – See Events Calendar showing timings and frequency of webinars for each courses.

See Calendar for webinar dates (click here)

Webinars are real-time/ “live” tutorials where many students, up to 100 people at a single webinar, watch a tutorial by a tutor on a particular course topic. It’s like watching a TV show on your PC/Mac, only that you can ask questions using your keyboard of your tutor “live”, unlike with your TV– (booked on a “first come, first serve” registration process, so register early to secure your place, as places are limited per course webinar on any one date/time).

Watch in the comfort of your own home/ work environment (with a PC, audio and internet connection). You can access a tutorial being given by a specific tutor for a specific course with the intention of many students viewing the same live webcast at the same time.

These can be interactive webinars, although only the Tutor can be seen and mostly heard. Students can type in their questions on their local keyboard they want to ask the Tutor. The benefit is that when answers are given by the tutor over the webcast, then all students can benefit from the questions and the answers given. So just by listening you will get great interactions and learning too.

You must have access to:

  • Phone & e-mails
  • PC or Mac with an internet connection to broadband or Wi-Fi
  • You may be required to download GoToWebinar software (at your own risk)

(Please get the bill payers permission)

See how you log-on and use systems.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE):

Ixion College’s virtual campus uses the latest University online learning technology. Past users until the end of May 2017 will continue to use Anglia Ruskin University’s Virtual Learning Environment for you to; download your workbooks, answer/assignment sheets, upload your work to (in a timely fashion) for your tutor to support you and then for a separate independent Quality Assessor to assess your work. If assessment is successful, you will then receive your certificate.

From June 2017 Ixion College new users will use a different VLE system.

You MUST have the approved use of Microsoft WORD document software (or equivalent) on your PC or MAC, to take any of our Ixion College courses.

Want to know more about the VLE, see the Virtual Learning Environment


(NOTE: Access to Higher Education Diploma course students ONLY)

Seminars are not mandatory, however we expect they will be popular in demand, therefore we ask that if you book onto them (by contacting and booking your place via your personal Tutor assigned to you), then we ask that you do attend in order that others haven’t lost their opportunity to attend.

If not a charge may be levied for non-arrival. These various seminars and events we hold across the year are targeted at different courses where you might be able to meet other students, along with a variety of tutors. Ixion College are setting up seminars and tutorials in predesignated locations around the country.

Different courses will be allotted different locations, so check with your Tutor.


  • Birmingham
  • Bletchley (nr Milton Keynes)
  • Chelmsford (Essex)
  • Croydon (London)
  • Maidstone (Kent)
  • York

These may be subject to change so bookings are made at your own risk (plus, all associated costs you incur are at your own expense and in the event of a cancellation).

Some students may qualify for hardship funding and as such may qualify for a limited Bursary (discuss with your Tutor to see if you may be eligible)


Some courses will require local placement (e.g. Nursing) where you will be expected to find your own local host (and bare the costs associated with this) e.g. Doctors or local Hospital or Care Home. See each course details to assess where this applies.

NOTE: some courses may require self-sourced Placements with employers/hosts, at your own expense etc. Check each courses details for any such requirements.

Time commitment by you

QCF/NVQ courses: It’s estimated most courses will take 3 months Full time and 6 months Part time to finish, depending on your degree of flexibility and time commitment.

Access to HE Courses: You will be expected to commit to a minimum of 12 hours per week independent study time using our online Virtual Learning Environment.

All courses will need you to maintain an online log that will be provided to in your induction. This will allow you to keep track of your learning hours each week to ensure you are able to progress and achieve in the time-frame that is agreed between you and your tutor. Our Tutors will therefore be able to see the amount of hours you spend on your course projects and guide you through your course.

The courses are designed to be flexible to help you study when you want to. Most Access to Higher Education courses last up to 12 months (can last longer dependent on your own workload too). This is to enable you to plan when you may want to go to University i.e. typically Universities start courses in September and applications are in March to May. Work out your own timings to complete in time to apply in order to hopefully progress into the University of your choice the following year… with no 19+ Advanced Learning loan to pay back either if you do progress.

Assignments & Exams

Our Assessors will review and assess your uploaded online assignments/ exams etc and based on a positive assessment you will receive your Certificate.

Marking & Assessment

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How it works- Summary

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